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August 12, 2008

Kilroy Corners Critter Support

There are supporters who bring a candidate credibility, or the chance to raise big bucks, or any of a number of other benefits. And then there are supporters who can't vote and can't even talk.

When Franklin County Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy released a list of her latest backers, it confirmed that serious news has apparently also taken a vacation this week. Kilroy, a Democrat running in Ohio's open Fifteenth District, accepted endorsements from dozens of cats, dogs and other pets, according to a news release.

The companion website,, lists sixteen dogs, sixteen cats, a horse named Freckles, a pony named Rocky and something that looks like a gecko. Supporters can upload pictures of their own pets that back Kilroy, described in the release as a longtime supporter of area animal shelters and the Humane Society, onto the website.

Kilroy narrowly lost her first bid for Congress, against Republican Deborah Pryce, in 2006. Pryce is retiring this year, and Kilroy will face State Senator Steve Stivers, a candidate the national GOP is talking up as one of their best new recruits. Stivers is, presumably, even now pushing hard for endorsements from a large tank of fish in his dentist's office.

Interested media are asked to contact Kilroy spokesman Brad Bauman or, and we are not making this up, his cat, Ella.