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August 01, 2008

Jingle alert

Blogging will be a bit lighter than usual over the next several days, as I am heading to Rochester (New York’s 26th District, home of Tom Reynolds, for the uninitiated) for a short break. You can never escape politics, though, and there’s a compelling Congressional race taking place in the Rochester area to succeed the retiring Reynolds.

While Republicans, including Reynolds, have cleared the field for wealthy businessman Chris Lee, the Democratic primary has been much more competitive. Iraq war veteran Jonathan Powers has the support of the entire Democratic establishment, but is facing a well-funded challenge from businessman Jack Davis.

Davis is a familiar name to many upstate New Yorkers — he ran against Reynolds twice before and came close to defeating him in 2006. And he just won a key Supreme Court decision that allows wealthy candidates to self-finance campaigns without giving their opponents any additional fundraising benefits. Still, most Democrats in Washington feel he’s unelectable, and the DCCC has endorsed Powers.

But by virtue of his wealth, Davis can’t be counted out. And this year, he’s using his fortune to air a kitschy radio jingle, to the tune of “Build Me Up Buttercup,” that’s currently blanketing the Rochester airwaves.

While I embarrassingly admit that I’m a fan of political jingles (this one for Charlie Wilson being among my favorite), I can’t say I’m going to be cranking up the volume this weekend to hear Davis’ latest.