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August 15, 2008

Jennings up with hard-hitting first ad

Democratic Congressional candidate Christine Jennings is up with a hard-hitting first ad of her campaign against Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla.).

Jennings, who narrowly lost to Buchanan in 2006, is highlighting a lawsuit that former employees of Buchanan have brought against the congressman. She also launched the website “” as part of the advertising blitz.

“This is the defendant – Congressman Vern Buchanan. He and his companies have been sued over 180 times. And now Vern Buchanan’s being taken to court by former employees who say they were forced to give to his congressional campaign," says a narrator in the ad.

"These people are not actors These are actual litigants who have sued Vern Buchanan and his companies when they’ve thought he’s taken the law for granted."

Buchanan has been accused of illegally pressuring former employees of his car dealerships to make contributions to his 2006 campaign. He has denied the allegations, calling the litigants “disgruntled employees.”