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August 18, 2008

Gard's ad hits Kagen on energy

Republican Congressional candidate John Gard is up with his first television ad against Rep. Steve Kagen (D-Wis.) – and like many other GOP candidates across the country, he’s talking about energy.

In the ad, Gard takes a “green-screen” aided trip across the globe, blaming high gas prices on the Democrats’ opposition to increased domestic drilling.

“Here in Northeast Wisconsin the cost of gas is about four dollars a gallon. In Saudi Arabia, 47 cents… In Venezuela, this is 12 cents!” Gard says. “The problem starts here, where some in Congress like Steve Kagen voted to make it illegal for the U.S. to expand drilling. Including here, where Cuba is now poised to drill.”

Republicans believe that Kagen is vulnerable on the energy issue after initially opposing expanded domestic drilling. Kagen now says he favors offshore drilling as part of a comprehensive energy bill, but he wasn’t singing the same tune last month.

Gard is facing Kagen for the second straight election; in 2006, he lost to the freshman congressman, 51 to 49 percent.