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August 19, 2008

Freedom's Watch ad blitz in Colorado

The conservative group Freedom’s Watch is spending a substantial amount of money in the Colorado Senate race to air television ads attacking Democratic congressman Mark Udall for his record on energy.

This is the first time that Freedom’s Watch has bought advertising time in a Senate race. The expensive ad buy, airing throughout the state on broadcast and cable television, suggests the group will be well-financed to play a key role in other competitive House and Senate races.

The ad focuses on Udall’s absence for a critical Congressional vote that sent Congress into recess without passing any energy legislation. The resolution passed by one vote.

“Instead of supporting oil exploration, nuclear energy, new refineries or anything that might reduce gas prices, Udall skipped work,” a narrator in the ad says. “Went to a fundraiser, and sent Congress on vacation by one vote.”

Based on the first wave of advertising, it’s clear that energy is going to be the dominant theme of this Senate race. The Freedom’s Watch ad will be airing as the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is hitting Schaffer over his ties to major oil companies.

And the League of Conservation Voters, a strong supporter of Udall’s, has already been up with ads blasting Schaffer for his support of the oil industry.

Udall, one of Congress’ leading environmentalists, has drawn fire from Republicans for reversing his position on offshore oil drilling after long being opposed to such measures. Last week, he came out in favor of bipartisan legislation allowing for offshore drilling as part of a bipartisan, comprehensive energy plan.