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August 18, 2008

Edwards Hits New Hampshire

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested her party's presidential nominee might look to the lower chamber to pick a running mate, she had a name in mind: Texas Rep. Chet Edwards, a moderate nine-term Democrat who represents Waco.

Edwards remains a longshot for the vice presidential nod -- though Barack Obama's vetting team reportedly did take at least a cursory look -- but he's hitting the trail anyway, stopping by New Hampshire to help a vulnerable colleague.

This weekend, Edwards and freshman Democrat Carol Shea-Porter visited a Manchester Veterans' hospital as Edwards, who chairs the Military Construction Appropriations subcommittee in the House, launched a group of veterans and military families backing Porter, as Politicker's Brian Lawson reported.

Shea-Porter will face a difficult bid for re-election against either former New Hampshire Cabinet Secretary John Stephen or Jeb Bradley, the Republican Shea-Porter ousted in 2006. While the National Republican Congressional Committee does not endorse in primaries, House Minority Leader John Boehner has made his preference known, stumping with Bradley at events in New Hampshire last week.

Were Edwards to somehow find his way onto Obama's ticket and win, it would be the third term in a row someone from Texas' Seventeenth District held one of the administration's top two slots: President Bush's Crawford ranch is also in the district.