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August 19, 2008

DSCC hits Schaffer on energy

Democrats may be softening their longtime opposition to expanded domestic drilling, but the party's Senate campaign committee is still hitting Republicans on the energy issue.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is up with its first ad in the Colorado Senate race, portraying former GOP congressman Bob Schaffer as a pawn of the oil industry.  The ad highlights Schaffer’s ties to the energy industry as an “oil executive” and his comments defending oil company profits.

“Big Oil Bob Schaffer. Do we really want him in the Senate?” the ad says.

The ad comes as Schaffer's opponent, Rep. Mark Udall (D-Colo.), reversed his opposition to offshore oil drilling last week, in light of strong public dissatisfaction with rising prices at the pump. But Democrats are betting that, despite the public’s increased willingness to support expanded domestic drilling, having close connections to oil companies still is a political liability.

The DSCC went up with a similar ad against Sen. Roger Wicker in Mississippi last week, attacking him for being beholden to big oil companies.