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August 07, 2008

Dems Out Of Boyda's Business

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has pulled the plug on $1.2 million in advertising time that would have benefited freshman Rep. Nancy Boyda. It's not an indication of Democrats' pessimism in Boyda's chances; rather, the time was yanked at Boyda's request, she told the Topeka Capital-Journal.

Boyda, who did not benefit from DCCC help in the 2006 cycle and declined to participate in the Frontline program for endangered Democrats, praised the national committee's move after calling for them to pull the ads, saying Kansas voters were the winners.

But the real winners could be State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins and national Republicans. Boyda represents one of the most Republican seats held by a Democrat, and Jenkins, who won the GOP primary on Tuesday, is seen as a moderate with a better chance of winning than her more conservative primary opponent. Now, Democrats are passing up the opportunity to use the advertising money to define Jenkins as she reloads from the costly primary.

The National Republican Congressional Committee deserves credit too, having stayed on Boyda over the past several weeks and making a big deal about her association with her party nationally, and GOP strategists gloated about Democrats' decision to pull the money.

Boyda has a good amount of money, and she's stayed on a moderate course in the House, but the advertising from Washington could have done a lot to ensure she gets a second term. Instead, Boyda got her way, though at what cost to her political fortunes?