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August 07, 2008

Democrat attacks Franken for 'pornography'

Comedian Al Franken has been facing a barrage of attack ads from Republican Sen. Norm Coleman over past, lewd writings and failure to pay back taxes.

But now he’s taking a serious hit from a Democratic challenger, who is just up with an ad that’s harsher than Coleman’s toughest attacks.

Attorney Priscilla Lord Faris, a last-minute entrant into the Democratic primary, argues that Franken is unelectable in her new advertisement.

“Early on, I believed Al Franken could defeat Norm Coleman. Now, two years and millions of dollars later, it’s clear his record of pornography, degradation of women and minorities and questionable financial transactions will be the source of blistering ads from the Republican attack machine,” Lord Faris says in the ad.

Franken has been struggling to move beyond talk of his personal past, airing two advertisements directly addressing the controversies. This latest attack from Faris won’t help matters any.