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August 12, 2008

Davis refuses to concede

Rep. David Davis (R-Tenn.), who lost his bid for re-election to Johnson City mayor Phil Roe in last Thursday’s GOP primary, is preparing to challenge the results.

Davis, who lost to Roe by a 486-vote margin, insists that Democrats crossed over to support his opponent . Tennessee holds an open primary, where voters do not have to register by party to participate.

From the Kingston Times-News:

Davis said he has hired a national law firm that has worked on recounts to examine the issue.

“It does appear there has been some voting irregularities in the Republican primary,” Davis said. “It does appear Tennessee election law may have been violated. We are working with a constitutional law firm to protect the voting rights of Republican primary voters. This is not about David Davis or Phil Roe. This is about the sanctity of the voting process, which must be protected.

“There were a lot of Democrats voting in the primary. Tennessee law prohibits crossover vote unless you intend to have loyalty to that party.”

Roe said he was confident that his winning 486-vote margin would stand and noted he’s gotten a congratulatory letter from Tennessee Republican Party (TRP) Chair Robin Smith.

Tennessee law allows for a recount if there is an indication of voter fraud.