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August 12, 2008

Cazayoux back on the air

When Don Cazayoux was first running for Congress, he aired a humorous series of advertisements featuring his family that poked fun at his hard-to-pronounce surname.

Now, as he faces an even tougher reelection challenge, he’s back with a similar, breezy style while touting his accomplishments from the three months he’s been in office.

In his first ad of the general election, various members of his family talk about his work passing a new GI bill and support for tax cuts.

Most importantly, the ad highlights how he’s “taking on his own party to get more offshore oil drilling” — an issue that his Republican opponent, Bill Cassidy, has already attacked him on.

Cazayoux’s path to victory will be very difficult because another Democrat, African-American state Rep. Michael Jackson, will also be on the November ballot as an independent. Jackson is positioned to win enough of the black vote to tip the election to Cassidy.

For now, it appears that Cazayoux is appealing to the conservative, white vote in the district — a constituency that usually votes Republican, but one that he’ll need to win over in large enough numbers to serve another term.

UPDATE: The National Republican Congressional Committee immediately responded to Cazayoux's support for more drilling, arguing he launched  "a false and misleading ad to cover up for his abysmal record when it comes to supporting offshore drilling."

“Actions speak louder than words and when it comes to supporting offshore drilling to lower the cost of gasoline, Don Cazayoux is all talk and no action,” said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. “If Don Cazayoux is so committed to addressing the energy crisis then why did he vote to give himself a month-long vacation after just getting elected to office?”