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August 14, 2008

Boyda going back to basics

With her new campaign advertisement, Rep. Nancy Boyda (D-Kansas) lets voters know that she’ll  be running the same type of grassroots campaign that propelled her to an upset victory in 2006.

All the elements of her unconventional 2006 campaign appear like they’ll be back this year. Running lengthy newspaper inserts on her policy proposals? Check. Having her husband, Steve, playing a key role in the campaign instead of Washington-based consultants? Check.

And she already has demanded that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pull its reserved ad time in the district.

The ad features Boyda alongside her husband, talking about the campaign they’ll be running.

“In 2006, we ran a different kind of campaign,” Boyda said. Her husband, Steve, then chimes in: “Not the usual DC politics, but a Kansas campaign that included you. And none of those 30-second attack ads.”

“Or those annoying robo-calls you hate so much, but thoughtful newspaper inserts and we’re going to do the same thing this election,” the congresswoman responds.

Several Democratic operatives have been privately critical of her strategy, believing that the strong national environment for Democrats and an unprepared Republican opponent played a bigger role in her victory.

The east Kansas district gave President Bush a 20-point margin of victory in 2004.

Boyda will be facing GOP state Treasurer Lynn Jenkins in the general election. Jenkins defeated Boyda’s 2006 opponent, former congressman Jim Ryun, in a Republican primary earlier this month.