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August 04, 2008

Ads Start Flying

The ads are coming fast, and they'll continue to fly as candidates with big warchests snap up television time. Maine Senator Susan Collins, leading by a wide margin in her re-election bid against Democratic Rep. Tom Allen, is up with a positive spot focusing on her record on energy:

While in Minnesota, well-funded challenger Al Franken is up with a new ad hitting Senator Norm Coleman for his association with the Bush Administration:

Meanwhile, Nebraska Democrat Scott Kleeb, running to replace the retiring Chuck Hagel, has bought television time in his state's two largest markets for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, as well as time in four other markets for the campaign's first spots, set to run on Friday.

The new round of ads come after a spate of thirty-second spots last week, when the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee went on the air against North Carolina's Elizabeth Dole and Oregon's Gordon Smith, and after Smith launched his own spot boasting of his closeness to Democrats like Barack Obama and John Kerry.

Many have worried that the Olympics would overshadow any political news coverage. We're starting to worry the advertisements will come so quickly we'll miss the Badminton finals just keeping up.