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August 05, 2008

Ads On Air In LA, OK

Two Senate challengers with Democratic backgrounds will soon hit the airwaves touting their records. But they'll be playing up issues traditionally more important to Republican voters.

Louisiana Treasurer John Kennedy, a Democrat-turned-Republican who many in the GOP see as their best hope of taking back a Senate seat this year, will launch his first spot tomorrow touting his record as a fiscal conservative. The humorous spot labels him "brown-bag cheap":

Oklahoma State Senator Andrew Rice, a Democrat running against Senator James Inhofe, spends his latest advertisement on his record on health care and his fight for a young girl with cancer. He, too, strikes traditional Republican themes: "My faith teaches to help the powerless," Rice says, reflecting on his time in Thailand as a Christian missionary:

While the Republican brand around the country suffers, candidates in at least a few states think they can find success using fiscal responsibility and faith when presenting themselves to voters.