July 2008
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July 28, 2008

Udall defends record in new ad

The Colorado Senate race between Rep. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and former GOP Rep. Bob Schaffer is heating up.

After the conservative group Coloradans for Economic Growth aired an ad accusing Udall of supporting higher taxes and voting to block energy legislation that would lower gas prices, Udall is now up with a response.

“Mark Udall’s voted to reduce taxes on middle-class families and Colorado’s small businesses sixty-five times. It’s true,” a narrator says in Udall's latest ad. “While Bob Schaffer and his special interest allies keep giving away billions in tax breaks to billionaires and big oil companies.”

The debate over energy is already dominating the discourse in this campaign.

Udall has a longstanding reputation as one of Congress’ leading environmentalists, while he has been portraying Schaffer as “Big Oil Bob” on the campaign trail. But with gas prices becoming a major concern, the terrain has shifted – and Schaffer hasn’t been shy about his support for drilling in ANWR and offshore.

The race indeed looks like it will hinge on whether Colorado voters favor an approach that stresses renewable energy and conservation (as Udall favors), or more drilling (as Schaffer supports).