Carl CannonIn an era of predictable hyper-partisanship, RealClearPolitics’ foray into publishing was a logical next step for an enterprise dedicated to airing views that span the ideological spectrum — left, right, or center.

Carl Cannon, Executive Editor,
RealClear Media Group

Carl Cannon

Redefining the Marketplace for Political Books

The demand for political books is large and growing, and more and more aspiring authors want their voices to be heard in this arena. But because access continues to be controlled by the gatekeepers at literary agencies and big trade publishing houses, the marketplace tends to be dominated by political celebrities and partisan extremes that are easiest to sell.

Our mission at RealClear Publishing—much like our parent brand RealClear Politics—is to help diversify and enrich that marketplace of ideas by offering a trusted platform for independent-minded thinkers and advocates to enhance our most pressing national debates.

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A Real Author Advantage

To be real clear about RealClear Publishing, our business model differs from traditional publishers. Authors finance the creation, production, and promotion of their books. In return, they maintain control of their intellectual property—with final say on the text, title, and publishing schedule—while capturing 80% of the revenue from their sales. This approach also offers an accelerated speed to market, enabling authors to participate in topical debates as they happen.

This unconventional model makes it possible for a greater array of authors from across the political spectrum to have their voices heard. Our hope is that this will lead to more innovative ideas from various interesting thinkers—and a more robust national political discourse.

Our Books

Our Common Ground

Diane Hessan
Award-winning Entrepreneur

Contract to Unite America

Neal Simon
Independent Candidate for US Senate

Our Future

Steven Shafarman
Universal Basic Income Advocate

The Speaking While Female Speech Anthology

Dana Rubin
Advocate for Women's Speech

Coming Soon
The Horseshoe Virus

Bob Worsley
Former Arizona State Senator

Center Stage

Wayne Avrashow
Attorney and Political Fiction Author

New Civil War

Bruce D. Abramson
IP Counsel and Economic Analyst



The Rapidly Changing Marketplace for Political Books

by Naren Aryal

Simon & Schuster canceled Josh Hawley’s book for his role in the events of Jan. 6 at the United States Capitol. His new book, The Tyranny of Big Tech, will now be published by Regnery, an independent conservative house, in May. Hawley’s case is the most recent instance of traditional publishing’s shift to making editorial decisions based on ideology, a choice that will have ripple effects for years to come ... read more

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How We Work

Step 1

Submission Review

Our publishing committee, led by Carl Cannon (Washington Bureau Chief, RealClearPolitics), thoughtfully reviews every synopsis, outline, table of contents, book proposal, and manuscript (or partial manuscript) submitted. Keep in mind, only high-quality content that brings a meaningful perspective to an issue of the day will be extended an offer from RealClear Publishing. Either way, you’ll hear back from us within two weeks.

Step 2

Core Services

Once your project is accepted, we will work with you to develop a publishing plan that is tailored to your goals and priorities.

Because we are a hybrid publishing enterprise, every agreement will include the following basic elements:

  • Production Services: Includes editing, cover and interior design, and publishing in print, eBook, and audiobook formats.
  • Licensing Fee to RealClearPolitics: Enables our authors to leverage the credibility of the trusted RealClearPolitics brand.
  • Marketing Program through RealClearPolitics: Provides our authors with premium access to RCP’s audience.
Step 3

Customized Publishing and Promotion Plan

Beyond the above elements, authors will have an opportunity to select from a menu of services from our “dream team” of experts that align with their needs, goals, and budget, including:

  • Editorial: Concept development, developmental editing, and ghostwriting via Gotham Ghostwriters.
  • Book Distribution: National submission to online and brick-and-mortar bookstores via Amplify.
  • Marketing/PR Support: Customized publicity campaigns to complement the RealClearPolitics marketing program via our network of top publishing PR professionals.

Learn More: Pathways to Book Publishing

Carl Cannon, Executive Editor of RealClearPublishing is joined by Dan Gerstein of Gotham Ghoswriters and Naren Aral of Mascot Books to discuss how to publish with RealClear.

Who We Are

RealClear Publishing is a joint-venture by and among RealClear Media Group, Gotham Ghostwriters, and Amplify Publishing.

Erin Waters

Erin Waters

President & COO,
RealClear Media Group

Carl M. Cannon

Carl M. Cannon

Executive Editor,
RealClear Media Group

Naren Aryal

Naren Aryal

CEO and Publisher,
Amplify Publishing

Dan Gerstein

Dan Gerstein

Gotham Ghostwriters

A seat at the table

As a RealClear Media Group brand, REALCLEAR PUBLISHING provides access to an audience of leaders and outlets from all sides of the political spectrum, providing visibility where it matters most. Branding opportunities give authors access to some of RCP’s largest content channels, including the RCP Today Daily Newsletter, Carl Cannon’s Morning Note, and banner ads on RealClearPolitics, which are frequented by important audience networks.

Industry-leading publishing services

Amplify Publishing specializes in game-changing political, business, and "big idea" titles. One of the most trusted hybrid publishers in the industry, Amplify offers expertise in book producing, distribution, and marketing of authors and book launches from newsmakers, experts, and influencers across various industries. Established in 2003, Amplify is uniquely positioned to balance speed to market and editorial excellence.

Expert positioning, writing, editing

With its unmatched network of editorial talent and knowledge of the collaborative writing space, Gotham Ghostwriters is uniquely positioned to help RealClear Publishing authors develop the best version of their vision. From honing the book’s concept to drafting the full manuscript to fine-tuning the author’s work, Gotham’s team can supply the right solution for any given author’s needs.

Gotham uses a proven four-step matchmaking process to help RealClear authors find an editorial partner who knows their subject matter and can capture their voice. In recent years, this process has produced a number of successful collaborations and major books in the politics, policy, and thought leadership spaces.

We Want to Hear Your Book Idea

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Synopsis - Our Common Ground

For four years, Diane Hessan has been in weekly conversation with voters across the United States. What she has learned will surprise you, enlighten you, give you hope, and change the way you think about your fellow Americans. Our inability to hear each other, our suspicion, and our impatience is stressing us out and tearing us apart. To gain insight into how we can move forward, Hessan undertook a massive listening project, conducting an ongoing series of weekly interviews with 500 voters from every state, of every age and ethnicity, and along different points of the political spectrum. The topics ranged from race to guns, from character to party politics, from masks to rallies, from the Supreme Court to the pandemic to immigration and climate change. After more than a million individual communications, two things became clear:

We have more common ground than we realize. Yet we are, sadly, failing at understanding each other. On issue after issue, our “divided” nation isn’t nearly as polarized as we imagine. An overwhelming majority of voters believe in common-sense gun licensing and regulation. They are pro-immigration. They believe climate change is real and the coronavirus is deadly. They care deeply about their families and are willing to work hard to make ends meet. And, they believe that Washington is slow, bureaucratic, and not working in their best interests.

In dozens of columns on these topics published in the Boston Globe, Hessan has upended common political wisdom. Presented together for the first time as part of this book, they reveal a unique perspective on how Americans actually think, what they value, and how we can move forward. The path to healing our divided nation is both simple and profound. We must turn down the heat. We must begin to listen, to stop presuming, to try to understand, to treat each other with dignity, and to know that most Americans are not crazy radicals. We truly share common ground. If we can pull together, we can have a much better America.


Author Bio - Diane Hessan

Diane Hessan is an award-winning entrepreneur and innovator in the market research field, and a nationally recognized expert on the American voter. Since 2016, she has been engaged in an in-depth, longitudinal study of the electorate, looking for trends, shifts, and common ground. She has written more than 50 columns about her findings for the Boston Globe, and her work has also been featured on CNN and NPR and in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, and many other outlets.

She is the founder and Chairman of C Space, formerly called Communispace, which was the first company to leverage social media to help companies get insight and inspiration from their consumers. Diane was CEO of the company during 14 years of exponential growth, as C Space worked with hundreds of global brands across twelve countries. She has been honored as a disruptor in the market research industry because of her work in conducting breakthrough research via the internet. Diane recently consolidated all of her investment and advisory work into a new company called Salient Ventures, which helps accelerate the next generation of startup companies in tech.

She serves on the boards of Panera, Eastern Bank, Brightcove, Schlesinger Group, Mass Challenge, Tufts University, and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. In 2017, the Boston Globe appointed her to its editorial board. Diane has received many honors, including the Pinnacle Award from the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, the Most Admired CEO award and Boston Power 50 awards from the Boston Business Journal, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, the Northstar Award from Springboard, and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year. She has been inducted into the Babson College Academy of Distinguished Entrepreneurs, and she received the Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship from Brandeis University.

Diane previously co-authored the book Customer-Centered Growth: Five Strategies for Building Competitive Advantage, a Business Week best seller that was published in eleven languages. She received a BA in economics and English from Tufts University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.