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Interview with Tom Campbell: Part IV


Should Government Mandate CSR?

Campbell: The individual consumer should be allowed to make the choice, it seems to me as to what kind of light bulb they use. The well-intentioned motive of those who urge governments to impose mandates against the incandescent bulb and obligating an LED or a low energy bulb, can be met by pricing energy. If you have to pay a higher price for energy and you choose to pay it, that should be your freedom to do so. And, if you instead, save the money by using a more energy efficient bulb then you benefited. So, I don't see why the market needs to be corrected in that instance. A more, subtle argument is sometimes made where a technology requires a minimum kind of scale before it becomes commercially available. This was the argument for example on electric cars and in order to obtain the minimum efficient scale, the government will purchase a number of cars. Bear in mind, government purchasing is not the same as requiring you and me to purchase. So, I have much less of a problem with that.

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Tom Campbell Interview