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Pool Report: WH's Burton Says Obama Has Power To Mandate BP Escrow Account

From the pool report upon President Obama's arrival in Mississippi:

Deputy Press Secretary Burton confirmed BP promise to contain 50,000 barrels by the end of june.

Adm. Allen said he expects BP to be containing 28,000 barrels by the end of the week. But as to what percentage of the total that is, he said we won't know til there's a tight seal.

Burton said administration is confident it has legal authority to make bp set up the escrow account.

He said that potus personally decided he wanted to do the address tomorrow from the oval office, his first oval office address.

Obama To Hold Press Conference On Oil Spill

The White House has announced President Obama will hold a press conference on Thursday and will answer questions related to the oil spill in the Gulf.

Obama will also announce new offshore oil drilling regulations. Obama wants more thorough safety inspections of drilling rigs and more regulation in regards to the permitting process.

The President will head to the Gulf Coast on Friday, making it his second visit since the rig exploded and caused an environmental catastrophe.

White House Responds To Sestak Job Allegations

Was Sestak offered a job to drop out of the PA Democratic primary for Senate or not? That is the question. Sestak admits he was offered a job, which is illegal under U.S. code, but the White House denies anything "inappropriate" happened.

Rep. Joe Sestak (D-PA) told CNN last week that he was offered a job to drop out. Sestak was asked about the job offer again on 'Meet the Press' this past Sunday, but wouldn't give details.

The White House is now trying to play catch up and sent out its best spokespeople to clarify the issue.

Robert Gibbs told CBS' 'Face the Nation' that he's not a lawyer, but added nothing inappropriate happened.

President Obama's senior adviser David Axelrod used a similar line on today's 'Daily Rundown.' "It's been looked into" and "nothing inappropriate happened," he told NBC's Chuck Todd.

Even though this story is now in the media cycle, Sestak told FOX News in mid-February that he was offered a job in the administration to drop out of the primary.