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The New Media: How Tweet It Is ...

I am a relatively new contributor to Real Clear Politics, and admit that for the first time I just hit the Twitter tab on the home page. I have never hit any Twitter tab on any page, anywhere.

I am visibly shaken.

I am now wondering if ...

... I am still sleeping, because whatever it is that's happening on that page just can't be real. Can't be ...

... I am unfortunately very much awake, and have been forcibly coaxed to take my skepticism of a world gone mad up by about 11 notches.

... I can stop wondering once and for all why people don't read newspapers anymore.

... Attention Deficit Disorder is actually an under-diagnosed condition that threatens to wipe out an entire generation.

... Alleged journalists should mess around with this, but if they feel they must ... at least it is original content, and better than practicing all this plagiarizing that seems to be infiltrating our ranks these days.

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