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Enquiring Minds Ask About the Tabloid's Snub

I'm going to fire off a follow-up to Tuesday's item in this place on the Pulitzer Prize, and more specifically, the fact that the black sheep The National Enquirer didn't collect one for its continued breaking coverage of John Edwards' extramarital romp in 2009.

Right up front I'll say that my contention is that no matter where a story like this comes from, it is no less a story. If the Enquirer, in fact, did not pay sources for the stories in its 2009 reporting as it claims, then it deserved careful consideration for the award.

I don't like the idea of paying sources for information, by the way, but I am still reasoning through that one, too. Is an accurate (emphasis on accurate) story no less a story because sources were paid to help report it?

Again, I think paying sources might be a slippery slope, but I am not as high-minded about that as I used to be. But I digress ...

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