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BP May Revoke Media's Access To Live Feed Of Oil Spill

In response to reports that BP has decided to discontinue live feed of footage from the sea bed while it attempts the so-called 'top kill' procedure, a BP spokesman today said:

"We are working extremely closely with multiple agencies across the Government and the Unified Command in considering how best to continue to provide access and information throughout the 'top kill' procedure. Over the next few days we will be carrying out a sensitive and complex procedure involving multiple simultaneous operations, and we are in active discussion as to whether the live feed from the sea bed that we have been broadcasting will continue to provide meaningful information through this complicated and unpredictable procedure.

"However, no decision has yet been taken as to whether or not to temporarily suspend the live webcam coverage from the sea bed during these operations. Any statement that a decision has already been taken to stop the feed is both inaccurate and premature.

"As we have been throughout our response to this incident, BP remains committed to full transparency in all our actions."

UPDATE: CNN reports "BP will provide live video feeds throughout the 'top kill' procedure tomorrow"