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BBC Doesn't Blow Smoke in Volcano Coverage

Day 6: The Volcano Crisis

OK, I admittedly have a selfish interest in this getting-bigger-by-the-minute volcano story, but still wanted to extend kudos to the British Broadcasting Company (BBC).

As the Icelandic volcano continues to show us mortals who's really boss, getting good, up-to-date information about what (if anything) is being done to facilitate the movement of stranded air travelers all over the globe has been unnecessarily painful.

(Disclaimer: I am supposed to fly from Germany to the United Kingdom on Wednesday, so I am taking a higher-than-normal amount of interest as this bizarre drama plays out.)

Through the weekend I went to all the likely places in search of up-to-date information about this developing situation, and have been pretty disappointed. (And good luck trying to get a human being on the phone at any of these airlines.)

I was also appalled by what little the leadership in the European Union had to say over the weekend about how they intended to tackle this crisis. But with their days of rest over, hopefully they are ready to hit the ground running and engage their constituencies in this bubbling fray.

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