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No Nightly Network News Broadcasts Discuss Etheridge Assault

All three nightly news broadcasts led with the oil spill. ABC's 'World News' gave the story 9 minutes of airtime, NBC's 'Nightly News' talks about the spill for 8 minutes and CBS' 'Evening News' spent a total of 11 minutes on it.

ABC 'World News' also reported about iron mining Afghanistns, passports, Kevin Costner's oil invention and Ted Kennedy.

NBC 'Nightly News' talks about flash floods, Afghanistan, Ted Kennedy, Toyota, SC-Sen and the World Cup.

CBS' 'Evening News' said Obama "rolled up his sleeves" in the Gulf, reported on Tylenol, flash floods, Jimmy Dean and the cost of oil disaster.

Summary: ABC & NBC talk about dead Ted Kennedy, however no network mentioned Rep. Etheridge's (D-NC) physical assault of a student.