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What Kind of News Consumer are You?

What you do with, and how you are accessing, today's Media Watch offering, says a lot about you as a consumer of news and information in 2010.

The Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism is at it again, and has released a comprehensive study dated March 1, 2010, and headlined, "Understanding the Participatory News Consumer."

Subhead: "How Internet and Cell Phone Users Have Turned News Into a Social Experience."
You will find the study here.

This report is based on findings accrued between Dec.28, 2009, and January 19, 2010, and after speaking over the telephone with 2,259 adults age 18 or older who went though the survey satisfactorily and in its entirety.

This study not only gets into where you get your news, what kind of news you are after, and how you get that news, but what you might do with that news once you get it.

If you are one of the legions of changing news-consumers out there, you are personalizing and filtering what you are after, and then are inclined to pass portions of that news on to friends and enemies on any number of the social-networking sites on the Internet such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to the study, that makes you one of the 37% of Internet users who play a participatory role in what we are saying about news and where it goes.

In another words, news travels mighty quickly these days, and can end up in all manner of places.

But since I am already making myself dizzy, and would only do you a disservice if I continued to try to break this intensive study down, I am going to play the part of 'participatory news consumer' and encourage you to pour yourself another large cup of whatever it is you fancy, and spend all the time you like with this informative beast.

But before you go, a personal observation: As I read through the study, I was most surprised that as an old newspaperman, I wasn't quite the Luddite I fancied myself to be. I guess I have become quite an eager gatherer of news on multiple platforms, and in so many different places.

And an admission: The only paper I looked at today was online.

What about you?

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