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No Coffee Break in WSJ's Battle With NYT

The Wall Street Journal's newspaper war against The New York Times just went full-blown caffeinated.

According to a story in AdvertisingAge, Starbucks has struck a deal with Rupert Murdoch's print behemoth to allow the paper to be sold in 450 of its stores in the greater New York area, which includes portions of New Jersey and Connecticut.

This little shot of espresso comes only days after the WSJ announced it would be hiring beat reporters to cover the New York professional sports teams, and just weeks before the paper starts cranking out a New York edition.

We could not find any reaction from what has to be a shell-shocked Times' camp on this latest bit of maneuvering from General Murdoch's troops -- a salvo clearly aimed at capturing yet more of the Times' readership.

Ah, I love the smell of coffee in the morning ...

Further, the addition of the WSJ, means that if you frequent any of the coffee giant's stores in the region, you will now have your choice of three papers to ignore.

Only two weeks ago, Starbucks announced USA Today would be available in its 6,500 shops across the nation, thus ending 10 years of exclusivity for the Times in the place.

So it's come to this ...

While thousands of newspapers across the nation are fighting tooth and nail to keep their heads above water, the country's three largest newspapers have decided to dig in with everything they got, stick their pinkies out, and politely play a game of circulation chess in high-end coffee shops everywhere.

I swear, I just don't recognize the business anymore ...

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