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Ford Turns Around, Drives Home to MSNBC

After getting the Bronx cheer from the well-oiled Democratic Machine in New York, Harold Ford Jr. has decided not to run for the Senate after all.

The New York Times was nice enough to give the former congressman from Tennessee plenty of space to type to the many hundreds of people still reading newspapers that what the venerable machine spit out (him) was wrong -- really, really wrong.

Ford assures everybody in his op-ed he will soldier on, "but ... not as a candidate for senator from New York."

And most likely not until he spots another weak Democratic candidate in another high-profile state somewhere across the fruited plain.

Frankly, given what happened in Massachusetts with Ted Kennedy's old seat recently, he probably has about 49 other choices in which to aim his moving van.

Until then, though, what's a carpet-bagging, charismatic, ex-congressman and professional power-seeker to do?

Ah, but you already knew the answer to that one, didn't you?

Why, you go to the stylish, partisan cable-news channel near you, and preferably one that best matches your political stripes and needs, of course!

So Ford, the Democrat, is heading back to MSNBC, one of the loudest mouthpieces for his party.

At the Peacock Network's cable channel, Ford will return to the "political analyst" role he vacated while dipping many toes in the piping-hot political waters in New York.

That according to Michael Calderone of Politico, who also reports that some NBC flak is satisfied "everything's back to normal" with Ford.

I'll say it is.

Look, this isn't a jab at MSNBC, or even a garden-variety egomaniac like Ford, it's another round-house punch at what partisan politics and alleged "news" outlets have become in 2010: one in the same.

Ford to MSNBC is no different from Sarah Palin to Fox News - or for that matter, any of the other would-be political kings and queens that have gone galloping into that conservative news channel's ample stable of "political analysts" just waiting for the chance to run the campaign trail again ...

I will point out that given the almighty ratings in the business, Palin, and her political brothers in arms at Fox, are making their pitch to an ever-swelling audience of admirers.

But Ford returns home to MSNBC where he can cool his heels, talk to his base, try out some political shtick, and ready himself for his next assault on some governing throne somewhere.

Ford, who many political pundits believe to be made of presidential timber, might have been done a massive favor by that stubborn New York political machine.

Until Obama pulled it off this year, senators had not done well in presidential races over the decades. So maybe getting run from New York wasn't the worst thing, eh?

Much better he takes his chances as one of the many "political analysts" taking up space at these cable-news channels just waiting for another crack at some stupid machine.

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