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Boston Globe Negotiations Ongoing

Boston Globe's unions and the paper's parent New York Times Co. continued negotiations well after the expiration of a second deadline imposed by the company.

The NYT Co. originally threatened to shut down the paper if no settlement with the paper's 13 unions were reached by May 1. It was extended to midnight Sunday. As of this morning, tentative deals with several unions have been struck while talks continue with the pressmen's union and the newspaper guild.

As a precautionary measure, however, the paper's management is prepared to file a plant closing notice with the state in case negotiations fall apart.

The sides agreed to "take a break" as of 6:45 a.m. EDT and it's unclear if the deadline has been extended and whether the negotiations will resume later today.

(UPDATE) As of 8 a.m., all unions except the guild have tentative agreements with management pending a vote by members. The pressmen union was the latest to announced its deal. The guild, which represents the newsroom, has stopped negotiations for today after its latest offer was rejected by management.