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Top International News Sites

Launched in August 2008, coinciding with the Beijing Olympics, RealClearWorld is quickly becoming one of the must-stops for international news junkies as well as foreign policy analysts looking for commentaries from around the world.

OK, so this is a bit of a self-promotion, but we do take our jobs very seriously at RealClearWorld, and this week, we felt it's time to let our readers in on some of our little secrets.

Featured In this week's RealClearWorld is the top five list of our favorite international news sites. While we rely a good deal of our daily aggregation on American publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor and Washington Post, we scour sites from more than two dozen countries for opinion and analysis piece with varying political biases.

Our top five include: Der Spiegel, World Politics Review, China Post, Japan Times and Al Jazeera. There are a few others that also deserve mention, such as The Australian, Asia Times, Lebanon's Daily Star, Pakistan's Daily Times and Canada's Globe and Mail.

Here's a detailed look at our top five and why we like them.