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ESPN Fumbles Redesign

When you have the most-trafficked sports site in the world and one of most popular sites, period, what would you do with it?

You fix something that ain't broke, of course. unveiled its newly redesigned web site on Monday and surprise! ... everyone immediately hates it:

"The only thing worse than the Jets collapse is this new website."

"Activities I can complete while waiting for a page to load:

1. take a nap
2. have a three course meal
3. watch two and a half men"

"Absolutely terrible. First off, it doesn't work on my work computer. Second, there is so much stuff going on at the same time, it's dizzying. There should be a classic mode for those of us who want a simple ESPN w/o all the unnecessary extras. And I need it to function at work. This is the New Coke of internet sites. SO very bad."

Let me say I LOVE the new site. But there are a few things that could make it better...
1. More video-Why don't you merge with Youtube?
2. Not enough F-150 ads-LOVE the F-150
3. Not complicated enough-I like my websites to make me think I'm trying to figure out the space time continuum."

"OK.. who let the high school multimedia intern start making decisions in Bristol? "

These are but some of the hundreds complaints trickling in since the new site was launched. And these folks are the intrepid ones, for it's not really all that easy to even find the link to register complaints. As a public service, click here to write your own comments.

The three main problems with the redesign are 1) It's way too busy and it makes it difficult to find anything - plus some of the best features of the old site, such as drop-down menus for different sports, were eliminated. 2) As many readers pointed out, it takes a long time to load and sometimes it crashes the browser. Many users obviously look at the site at work and they don't have all day to wait for a simple page to come up. 3) The new design overwhelms with videos (which contributes to No. 2). A lot of people, surprisingly, still like to read.

The Watchdog fired off a couple of quick questions to ESPN and has yet to hear back. In the meantime, for you nostalgic sorts, here's what this fabulous site used to look like:

Picture 0.png