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Washington Post: Fair and Balanced

Former Washington Post reporter Ronald Kessler thinks the paper has turned a corner - veering back toward the center.

After for years competing with the New York Times to see who could do a better job trashing the Bush Administration, the Post has decided to reacquire its journalistic objectivity, according to Kessler. The turning point apparently was the appointment of Marcus Brauchli, formerly of the Wall Street Journal, as executive editor in September.

Kessler observes:

No longer do I pick up the paper to find slanted stories that suppress or ignore the other side or that mischaracterize issues to further a liberal agenda. Instead, honesty has been restored to the coverage. It has become more probing and interesting as well.

Last week, the lead story on Page One was, "Charter Schools Make Gains on Tests." Prior to Brauchli's takeover, it would have been unthinkable for the paper to highlight that a pet Republican approach to education was successful. When conservative icon Paul Weyrich died last week, the Post ran the story under a three-column headline on Page One. In contrast, The New York Times ran a story on page B11.

The question is if this trend would hold, now with the Democrats sweeping back into Washington. Would the Post scrutinize every move by the incoming Obama Adminstration or could it be that its grand strategy is to make nice with whomever is in the White House?

I'm sure the Washington Times would be very interested to find out.