Thursday, October 13

In Islamabad, Rice Pledges U.S. Support for Suffering Nation - USA Today
Dozens Die as Russian City Raided - BBC
Iraq Amends Charter to Draw Sunnis - Washington Times
Saddam Expects to Prove Innocence, Lawyer Says - USA Today
Bird Flu in Turkey Is the Same Deadly Strain as Asia - New York Times
Study Reveals Vast Scope of Priest Abuse in LA - Los Angeles Times
The Next Act at the Fed - Wall Street Journal
Schröder Retires but Hangs on to the End - Financial Times
$11 Million a Day Spent on Hotels for Storm Relief - New York Times
New Orleans Hospital Staff Discussed Mercy Killings - CNN

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Wednesday, October 12

Full Qaeda Letter to Iraq Ally Speaks of Group's Global Goal - New York Times
Deal in Iraq Raises Hopes for Passage of Constitution - Washington Post
British Anti-Terror Bill Published Amid Detention Confusion - Daily Telegraph
U.S. Says Quake Aid No Distraction - Washington Times
Focus of CIA Leak Probe Appears to Widen - Wall Street Journal
Times Reporter, Judith Miller, To Testify Again - CBS News/AP
National Count Finds 727,304 Homeless Nationwide - USA Today
Syrian Interior Minister 'Commits Suicide' - The Times
Hoax Probable in New York Subway Threat - Los Angeles Times
Delphi's Plight Signals Auto Industry's Woes - Chicago Tribune

Tuesday, October 11

Officials Race to Head Off a Bird Flu Pandemic - USA Today
Preparations for Bird Flu Are Urgent, Asia Is Warned - International Herald Tribune
Failure to Share Data on Bird Flu Puts Millions of Lives at Risk - The Times
Under Rice, Powell's Policies Are Reborn - Los Angeles Times
Katrina Spawned Plague of Misinformation - USA Today
Quake Relief Fights Tough Terrain - Christian Science Monitor
Explosives Found Near Georgia Tech Dorms - WXIA
Sunnis See Positives in Charter Talks - Chicago Tribune
Angela Merkel: Politician Who Can Show a Flash of Steel - New York Times
Militia Violence Escalating In Darfur, U.N. Envoy Says - Washington Post

Monday, October 10

Earthquake Toll in Pakistan Mounts - Washington Post
Pakistan Seeks Foreign Aid for Quake Victims - Los Angeles Times
Merkel to Succeed Schröder as Chancellor of Germany - International Herald Tribune
Poland Election Set for Run-Off - BBC
In Iraq, Late Push Underway for Sunni Support
- Boston Globe/AP
Bid to Delay Saddam's Trial Dismissed - Guardian/AP
Iraq Rebuilding Slows as U.S. Money for Projects Dries Up - USA Today
Belgium Is Trying to Unravel the Threads of a Terror Web - New York Times
Ten Arrested in Raids Against Groups Linked to al-Zarqawi - The Times

Saturday-Sunday, October 8-9

Tremors Hit Pakistan, India, Afghanistan - Los Angeles Times
Earthquake's Toll Sure to Rise; Aftershocks Are Feared - New York Times
Bush Urges Work on a Bird-Flu Vaccine - Philadelphia Inquirer
Danger of Flu Pandemic Is Clear, if Not Present - New York Times
Merkel Set to Take Over as German Leader - Financial Times
Bargain Sought on Iraqi Charter A Week Ahead of Historic Vote - Washington Post
Officials Debate Legitimacy of NYC Threat - Associated Press
'60 Minutes' to Include Clinton Camp's Denial of Freeh's Accusations - Washington Post

Friday, October 7

Bush Frames Battle of 21st Century - Christian Science Monitor
President Hits 'Islamic Radicals' - Washington Times
New York Named in Terror Threat Against Subways - New York Times
Troops May Stay on in New Orleans - USA Today
Ex-Philippine President Cites Paper Provided by Espionage Suspect - Washington Post
ElBaradei, IAEA Win Nobel Peace Prize - BBC
No Qaeda Link Seen in Bali Suicide Bombings - New York Times
Germans Wait, and Watch, and Wait - Internation Herald Tribune
D.C. to Use Eminent Domain for Ballpark - Washington Times
US Economy Lost 35,000 Jobs in September - Financial Times

Thursday, October 6

Blair Issues Warning to Iran Over Bomb Smuggling - Times of London
Bush Hails Progress of Iraqi Troops - Washington Times
Senate Moves to Protect Military Prisoners Despite Veto Threat - New York Times
Former Marine May Have Spied on White House - Washington Post
FEMA's Next Crisis - Wall Street Journal
Killer Flu of 1918 Caused by Bird Virus - Financial Times
Race for Leader Is On as Tories Seek a Comeback - Los Angeles Times
Justices Explore U.S. Authority Over States on Assisted Suicide - New York Times
A Gentler Touch with Latin America - Christian Science Monitor

Wednesday, October 5

U.S. Launches Second Iraq Offensive in a Week - USA Today/AP
Iraqi Charter Gains Wide Backing
- Washington Times
Mayor of New Orleans Announces Layoffs of City Workers - New York Times

US Drivers Steering Around High Gas Costs - Christian Science Monitor

President Cites Flu Epidemic Risk, Suggests Role for Troops - Los Angeles Times

U.S. to Push Koreans On Nuclear Program - Washington Post
2 EU Leaders Raise Red Flags on Turkey - International Herald Tribune

Harvard Physicist, 80, Earns Nobel - Boston Globe
Weight May Be Factor in N.Y. Boat Accident - Newsday/AP

Tuesday, October 4

European Union Formally Opens Talks on Turkey's Joining - New York Times
Analysis: Turkey's EU Cliffhanger - BBC
Germany's Schröder Signals He May Surrender Leadership - Financial Times
In Louisiana, Katrina's Final Toll Put at 964 - Boston Globe/AP
Bird-Flu Warning Triggers Action - Washington Times
Palestinians Seek New Government - Los Angeles Times

1 Million Expected to Protest in France - International Herald Tribune
In Iraq, Sunnis Angry Over Election Rules Change - New York Times

Medicare Drug Plan Stumps Seniors - USA Today
Congress Wades Into Campus Politics - Wall Street Journal

Monday, October 3

Macabre Clues Advance Inquiry in Bali Attacks - New York Times
Generals Are Upbeat on Iraq - Washington Post
Governors to Bush: Relief Is Our Job - USA Today
Tour Boat Overturns on Lake George, Killing 20 - Newsday

Florida City Considers Eminent Domain - Washington Times

Tory Despair at Weakness of Leadership Contenders - Times of London
Merkel's Union Heads Toward Crucial Victory - International Herald Tribune
Bitter Debate Over Turkey's EU Bid - Christian Science Monitor
Los Angeles Paper Bets on Softer News, Shorter Stories - Wall Street Journal
Elián, Five Years Later: `I've Grown Up' - Miami Herald

Saturday-Sunday, October 1-2

Bali Terror Bombings Kill 25 - Washington Post

Indonesia Hunts Bali Bombing Masterminds - MSNBC/AP
Explosion Outside College Football Game - CNN/AP
U.S. Forces Strike Iraqi Rebel Stronghold Near Syrian Border - New York Times
Hughes' Fix-It Trip Finds Deep Fissures - Washington Times

Anguished Imam Resigns as FDNY Chaplain - Newsday

Austrian Resistance Threatens Turkey's EU Bid - Financial Times

Google Bids to Provide WiFi in San Francisco - Associated Press
A Battle to Rebuild Looms in New Orleans - Boston Globe
Stumbling Storm-Aid Effort Put Tons of Ice on Trips to Nowhere - New York Times

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