Top 10 Upsets of 2010

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The elections of 2010 were historic. Democrats suffered either the worst midterm drubbing since either 1938 or 1922, depending on how you measure it. Yet the biggest surprise of the midterms was how unsurprising the results were. Perhaps it was because Scott Brown's election in early 2010 told us that the the Democrats' majorities were was in real peril for the better part of the year. Or maybe it is because of the exponential growth of public polling over the past decade; normally we wouldn't have known that Solomon Ortiz, Gene Taylor or Jim Oberstar were vulnerable until returns trickled in, since those districts wouldn't have even been polled. Regardless, many of the upsets in this wave election turned out to be Democrats who defeated Republicans. Without further ado, here are RCP's Top 10 Upsets of Election Night 2010.

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