Top 10 Newspapers in Trouble

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1. Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Seattle Post-Intelligencer - WEB ONLY, 3.17.09
2008 Daily Circulation: 117,572 (9% decrease since 2007)
Parent Corporation: The Hearst Corporation
Parent Co.'s 2008 Revenue: N/A (privately held)
Parent Co.'s Stock Price: N/A (privately held)

The P-I was put up for sale by the Hearst Corporation in early January, given 60 days to find a buyer. Even back then, that was considered a longshot. Now, the reality has set in. Unless a buyer miraculously emerges in the next few weeks, it's certain that the P-I will end its 146-year existence as a print entity. Its employees are scrambling to find a way to keep it alive as an online aggregator. Those efforts are still ongoing.

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