Top 10 Newspapers in Trouble

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5. San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle
Circulation: 339,430 (8% decrease since 2007)
Sunday Circulation: 398,116 (6% decrease since 2007)
Parent Company: The Hearst Corporation
Parent Co.'s Revenue in 2008: N/A (privately held)
Parent Co.'s Current Stock Price: N/A (privately held)

The Hearst Corporation bought the Chronicle and folded the Examiner into it in 1999, hoping to make it the crown jewel of a new empire that began with William Randolph Hearst in 1887. But the Chron has done nothing but losing money in the ensuing decade, which began with the tech bubble burst. The paper's circulation has shrunk by nearly half over the year and finally, yesterday, Hearst announced that it might put the paper up for sale or shut it down. While this may be a negotiating tactic in trying to extract concessions from the union, there's no doubt the Chron has cost Hearst a lot of money - reportedly over $1 billion since its acquisition.

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