Top 10 Newspapers in Trouble

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10. New York Daily News

New York Daily News
Circulation: 632,595 (10% Decline Since 2007)
Sunday Circulation: 674,104 (4% decrease since 2007)
Parent Company: Mortimer Zuckerman
Parent Co.'s 2008 Revenue: N/A (privately held)
Parent Co.'s Current Stock Price: N/A (privately held)

The New York Times may be constantly in the news with all its financial woes, but its two tabloid rivals are the ones facing imminent threat of closing down. The more sensational Post probably will survive a bit longer because of Rupert Murdoch's deep pockets, whereas the Daily News may have more trouble riding out the current economic downturn. Its owner Mort Zuckerman just stopped printing his weekly magazine US News & World Report, making it an online-only entity. And with his real estate business taking a beating, Zuckerman may not be able to continue subsidizing the money-losing Daily News.

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