Top 10 Newspapers in Trouble

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9. Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times
Circulation: 739,147 (4% decrease since 2007)
Sunday Circulation: 1,055,076 (4% decrease since 2007)
Parent Company: Tribune Company
Parent Co.'s 2008 Revenue: N/A (privately held)
Parent Co.'s Current Stock Price: N/A (privately held)

Over the last decade, no paper has lost readership at a faster pace than the L.A. Times. And not coincidentally, the Tribune Co.'s acquisition of the paper in 2000 foreshadowed those troubles. Three weeks ago, the Times announced that it's trimming yet another 300 jobs and eliminating the local "California" section altogether. With the newsroom about half of its size from 2001 and the continuing cutback on staff and coverage, it may be a matter of time before the woebegone Tribune Co. must dump the paper to an interested buyer or even close it down.

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