Top 10 Newspapers in Trouble

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6. Detroit News

Detroit News
Circulation: 178,280 (5% decrease since 2007)
Parent Company: MediaNews Group
Parent Co.'s 2008 Revenue: N/A (privately held)
Parent Co.'s Current Stock Price: N/A (privately held)

The Detroit newspapers will try a revolutionary approach beginning in late March - they intend to cut deliveries to just three days a week (Thursday, Friday and Sunday) and greatly reduce the print editions. This move is greatly anticipated by the newspaper business as a whole, but the Detroit papers might not have long to find out if it works in a town wrecked by the collapse of the auto industry. While the Free Press, owned by Gannett, isn't exactly doing all that well, the smaller News is in greater peril as its parent company Media News is heavily in debt with no immediate prospects of recovery.

6 / 11
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