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7 Supreme Court Firsts
First Female Justice: Sandra Day O'Connor
05.22.12, 08:29 AM CDT

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Sandra Day O'Connor

Dates Served: 1981-2006

Nominated by: Ronald Reagan

Sandra Day O'Conner was the first woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court. She was appointed in 1981 by Ronald Reagan, replacing Justice Potter Stewart. O'Connor arrived from the Arizona Court of Appeals and was confirmed 99-0. She swore-in to office Vice President Dan Quayle in 1989 by request, the first woman to present the Oath of Office to the U.S. Vice President.

O'Connor left the Court in 2006 and was replaced by President George W. Bush with Samuel Alito. While O'Connor was considered a right of center moderate, Alito was seen as more conservative, thus shifting the court to the right.



‹‹ First Catholic Justice: Roger Taney

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