Freshman Class of the 112th Congress

33 / 40

South Carolina

Tim Scott (R-1st District)

About: Five of the seven South Carolina representatives in the 112th Congress will be freshmen, but few will attract as much attention at the outset as Rep. Tim Scott. Scott, the first African-American Republican from the Deep South since the late 1800s, defeated the sons of Senator Strom Thurmond and Governor Carroll Campbell to win the Republican nomination. Scott will serve on the Transportation and Small Business committees.

Election Results:
Tim Scott (R): 65.1%
Ben Frasier (D): 28.9%


Jeff Duncan (R-3rd District)

About: An eight-year veteran of the South Carolina House, Jeff Duncan succeeds Gresham Barrett, who lost a race for governor in 2010.

Election Results:
Jeff Duncan (R): 62.5%
Jane Dyer (D): 36.1%


Trey Gowdy (R-4th District)

About: A former clerk for a federal district court judge who spent 10 years as a solicitor (district attorney) in South Carolina, Gowdy defeated Republican Bob Inglis in the primary by attacking Inglis from the right. Gowdy will serve on both the Judiciary Committee and the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Election Results:
Trey Gowdy (R): 63.5%
Paul Corden (D): 28.8%


Mick Mulvaney (R-5th District)

About: A Georgetown University graduate, Mulvaney has won elections in successive years to the state House, the state Senate, and now to the United States Congress. He knocked off Budget Committee Chairman John Spratt, becoming the first Republican to represent this area of the state since the 1880s. He won seats on the House Small Business Committee and, succeeding Spratt, the Budget Committee.

Election Results:
Mick Mulvaney (R): 54.7%
John Spratt (D): 45.3%

33 / 40
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