Freshman Class of the 112th Congress

31 / 40


Mike Kelly (R-3rd District)

About: A knee injury sidelined Kelly early in his collegiate football career at the University of Notre Dame. After graduating, he went into car sales, acquiring a couple of local franchises. He will serve on the committees on Oversight and Government Reform, and Education and Labor.

Election Results:
Mike Kelly (R): 55.6%
Kathy Dahlkemper (D): 44.4%


Pat Meehan (R-7th District)

About: A former U.S. attorney and district attorney for Delaware County, Meehan established the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council. After being elected to the Steering Committee to help guide committee assignments for new members, Meehan was added to the committees on Oversight and Government Reform, Homeland Security and Small Business.

Election Results:
Pat Meehan (R): 55.0%
Bryan Lentz (D): 43.9%


Mike Fitzpatrick (R-8th District)

About: A former one-term congressman (2004-06), Fitzpatrick previously has taken on GOP leadership on environmental issues. He will serve on the Financial Services Committee.

Election Results:
Mike Fitzpatrick (R): 53.7%
Patrick Murphy (D): 46.3%


Tom Marino (R-10th District)

About: Marino entered college at the age of 30 and went on to graduate from law school. He then served as a district attorney and U.S. attorney. He will serve on the committees on the Judiciary and Homeland Security.

Election Results:
Tom Marino (R): 55.1%
Christopher Carney (D): 44.9%


Lou Barletta (R-11th District)

About: The mayor of Hazelton, Barletta previously was a White House appointee to the United Nations Advisory Committee of Local Authorities. He will serve on the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

Election Results:
Lou Barletta (R): 54.5%
Paul Kanjorski (D): 45.5%

31 / 40
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