Freshman Class of the 112th Congress

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The biggest freshman class in the House of Representatives in more than 60 years will take their seats this week. The 112th Congress will feature a Republican Party looking to capitalize on its sweeping election victory and newfound majority status in the House to tackle government spending and attempt to roll back some of President Obama's agenda -- most notably, health care reform.

Meanwhile, the Democrats, who have just nine of the 94 freshman members, find themselves in the minority for the first time since 2006. With many of the more moderate "blue dogs" swept away last November, the party's more uniformly liberal caucus will attempt to hold Republicans in check.

To help you get your arms around the 112th Congress, we've compiled the definitive guide to the freshman members of the House of Representatives. Click on the state names below to see details on the new members of each state's delegation.

Alabama Louisiana North Dakota
Arizona Maryland Ohio
Arkansas Massachusetts Oklahoma
California Michigan Pennsylvania
Colorado Minnesota Rhode Island
Delaware Mississippi South Carolina
Florida Missouri South Dakota
Georgia Nevada Tennessee
Hawaii New Hampshire Texas
Idaho New Jersey Virginia
Illinois New Mexico Washington
Indiana New York West Virginia
Kansas North Carolina Wisconsin

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