Freshman Class of the 112th Congress

13 / 40


Todd Rokita (R-4th District)

About: In 2002, Rokita was elected Indiana secretary of state at the tender age of 32. Prior to elective office, Rokita was a practicing attorney and joined the secretary of state’s office as general counsel in 1997. Rokita was elected to the Republican House Steering Committee, which doles out committee assisgnments to all U.S. House members. He will serve on the Budget Committee in the new Congress.

Election Results:
Todd Rokita (R): 68.6%
David Sanders (D): 26.1%


Larry Bucshon (R-8th District)

About: Bucshon is a 48-year-old heart surgeon who has never held political office before. He will serve on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee.

Election Results:
Larry Bucshon (R): 57.5%
Trent Van Haaften (D): 37.5%


Todd Young (R-9th District)

About: The 38-year-old is a graduate of the United State Naval Academy and served in the Marines before returning to private life, earning a law degree and becoming a prosecutor. Young has been assigned to the House Armed Services Committee and the Budget Committee in the 112th Congress.

Election Results:
Todd Young (R): 52.3%
Baron Hill (D): 42.2%

13 / 40
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