Freshman Class of the 112th Congress

4 / 40


Rick Crawford (R-1st District)

About: A veteran of the U.S. Army, Crawford turned to agricultural journalism after graduating from Arkansas State University. He has worked as a news anchor, reporter and columnist and currently owns the farm news network AgWatch. He will serve on the Agriculture and Transportation and Infrastructure committees in the House.

Election Results:
Rick Crawford (R): 51.8%
Chad Causey (D): 43.4%


Tim Griffin (R-2nd District)

About: Griffin, an Iraq War veteran, served as U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas from 2006-07. In 2005, he served in the Bush White House as special assistant to the president and deputy director in the Office of Political Affairs. He will serve on the Armed Services and Judiciary committees.

Election Results:
Tim Griffin (R): 57.9%
Joyce Elliott (D): 38.2%


Steve Womack (R-3rd District)

About: Womack has served as mayor of Rogers, Ark., the state’s ninth largest city, since 1998. Additionally, he served in the Arkansas National Guard for more than 30 years. He will have a seat on the House Appropriations Committee in the new Congress.

Election Results:
Steve Womack (R): 72.5%
David Whitaker (D): 27.5%

4 / 40
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