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10 Candidates Who Spent Giant Sums of Their Personal Wealth
Michael Huffington (Lost)
07.9.09, 11:54 AM CDT

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Michael Huffington (R)

Race: 1994 California Senate
Amount Spent: $28,000,000
Result: Lost 44.83%-46.7%

Michael Huffington, former husband of online diva Arianna Huffington, was a Representative of Congress from California from 1993 to 1995, having spent $5.4 million of his own fortune to win the seat.

After only one term, Huffington ran for California's Senate seat in 1994, spending an astronomical $28 million of his own money. At the time, Huffington's bid was the most expensive for a non-presidential campaign in American history. Huffington defeated William Dannemeyer in the primary but lost to current California Senator Dianne Feinstein by a slim 1.9 points.


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