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National Security Advisor - General James Jones (Announced)
12.1.08, 03:08 PM CST
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General James Jones, President-elect Obama’s pick for National Security Advisor, formerly served as the Marine commandant and Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. He is quoted as saying “energy is a national security issue, and it is an international security issue of the highest order." General Jones currently serves as Chairman of the Atlantic Council of the United States and the president and chief executive of the Institute for 21st Century Energy, part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The Institute has pushed for a business-friendly approach in energy while advocating for more use of domestic oil and gas, nuclear power, coal, renewable energy, and a reduction in government regulations preventing energy modernization in the recent past.

General Jones was Chairman of the Congressional Independent Commission on the Security Forces of Iraq in 2007, assigned to investigate the strength of Iraqi police and armed forces. In November of last year he was appointed by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as special envoy for Middle East Security. General Jones was twice asked by Secretary Rice to be Deputy Secretary of State after the resignation of Robert Zoellick but he declined.

General Jones was born in 1943 in Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from Georgetown University where he also played on the basketball team. He served as a platoon and company commander in the Vietnam War and was promoted to First Lieutenant.

‹‹ Ambassador to the United Nations - Susan Rice (Announced)