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Labor Secretary - Hilda Solis
12.19.08, 04:32 PM CST
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Hilda Solis, 51, is a Democratic member of Congress representing California’s 32nd district and was selected by the President-elect to serve as his Labor Secretary. Solis is a leader within the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and a strong supporter of the Employee Free Choice Act. If approved she would be the third Hispanic in Obama’s Cabinet.

Solis was a member of the California State Legislature for 18 years before coming to Washington. She was first elected to Congress in 2000 in a district that includes parts of eastern Los Angeles.

Solis is considered to be one of the strong supporters of organized labor in Congress, receiving a 100% vote rating by the AFL-CIO last year. Solis is on the board of directors for the American Rights at Work.

Obama received criticism from Latino leaders after Bill Richardson was selected to be his Commerce Secretary after he had initially been rumored to be a top choice for Secretary of State. Some felt that a Hispanic should hold a higher position in Obama’s cabinet due to the group’s importance in his election victory.

Since then Obama has selected Ken Salazar for secretary of the Interior and now Solis. Said Rep. Joe Baca after Solis was selected, “We’re glad he listened to our voices and listened to the Hispanic community that came out and delivered for him on election day.”

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