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Obama's Cabinet
President-Elect Obama's Cabinet
12.19.08, 04:32 PM CST
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Secretary of Treasury - Tim Geithner ››

The authority to appoint Cabinet members is grounded in Article II of the Constitution which stipulates that the President "may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments." The first Cabinet, appointed by President George Washington, contained just four members: Secretary of State, Thomas Jefferson; Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton; Secretary of War, Henry Knox; and Attorney General, Edmund Randolph.

Over time the Cabinet expanded to its current membership of 15 officials plus the Vice President. Additionally, each President may give "Cabinet level rank" to other members of the administration. All appointees are submitted to the Senate for consideration where they must receive a simple majority vote for confirmation.

The list of President-Elect Obama's Cabinet members, those either announced or under serious consideration based on recent reporting, is as follows:

Secretary of Treasury - Timothy Geithner

Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton

Secretary of Defense - Robert Gates

Attorney General - Eric Holder

Secretary of Homeland Security - Janet Napolitano

Secretary of Health & Human Services - Tom Daschle

Secretary of Commerce - Bill Richardson

Ambassador to the United Nations* - Susan Rice

Secretary of Veteran's Affairs - Eric Shinseki

Secretary of Agriculture -Tom Vilsack

Secretary of Education -Arne Duncan

Secretary of Energy -Steven Chu

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development -Shaun Donovan

Secretary of Interior -Ken Salazar

Secretary of Labor -Hilda Solis

Secretary of Transportation -Ray LaHood

*President-elect Obama declared this position will be given cabinet-level rank.

Secretary of Treasury - Tim Geithner ››