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#5 1976 RNC - Ronald Reagan
08.25.08, 07:37 AM CDT
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At the 1976 Republican convention, Ronald Reagan delivered an impromptu speech and became the president-in-waiting for the next four years. Here is an excerpt from his speech, where Reagan is discussing a letter he wrote for a time capsule to be opened in 100 years:

“And then again there is that challenge of which he spoke that we live in a world in which the great powers have poised and aimed at each other horrible missiles of destruction, nuclear weapons that can in a matter of minutes arrive at each other's country and destroy, virtually, the civilized world we live in. And suddenly it dawned on me, those who would read this letter a hundred years from now will know whether those missiles were fired. They will know whether we met our challenge. Whether they have the freedoms that we have known up until now will depend on what we do here."

(Click here for full text of the speech.)

‹‹ #6 1980 DNC - Ted Kennedy#4 1948 DNC - Hubert Humphrey ››