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By Jay Cost

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From a Reader

In response to this morning's post, Seth from Washington writes:

I wanted to pat you on the back for two posts in the past few days - one about why the failure of an immigration bill to pass isn't "a sign that the system doesn't work," and the one today that questions the DC media consensus that decries "partisanship" in favor of broad, vague "bipartisanship."

It's as though Senator A says, "we need to punch Joe in the face 100 times," Senator B says "we shouldn't punch Joe in the face," and the mainstream media's response is to assume that voters wish that those bitter partisans would stop their ideological pandering and pass a reasonable, centrist proposal to punch Joe in the face 50 times.

I imagine we don't agree on much politically, but we can both agree that it serves voters well when candidates and leaders actually take positions about questions of policy and advocate for them. So thanks for sticking up for that weirdly neglected point.

Well said, I think.

-Jay Cost