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New York - 26

Polling Data

PollDateSampleReynolds (R)Davis (D)Und.Spread
SurveyUSA11/1 - 11/3470 LV50464Reynolds +4
Zogby10/31 - 11/1403 LV47467Reynolds +1
SurveyUSA10/23 - 10/25411 LV50455Reynolds +5
SurveyUSA10/16 - 10/18419 LV49465Reynolds +3
RT Strategies/CD10/8 - 10/101056 LV40564Davis +16
Zogby10/4 - 10/5402 LV334817Davis +15
Greenberg Quinlan (D)10/3 - 10/4522 LV42508Davis +8
SurveyUSA10/2 - 10/4482 LV45505Davis +5
SurveyUSA9/24 - 9/26491 LV45434Reynolds +2
(October 21) Reynolds looks to have stabilized his situation a little, but Foley has placed this race fully in play. The GOP appears to be running better in House races everywhere in the Northeast (CT and NH), except upstate New York. Republicans are going to lose seats in New York, Reynolds is hoping they keep it contained to Sherwood Boehlert’s open seat in New York 24, because if there is another one to go down he is next in line.

(October 10) We don’t buy Zogby’s poll giving businessman and former Republican Jack Davis a fifteen point lead, but there is no question that NRCC Chair Tom Reynolds is in serious trouble in a race both he and the GOP did not think would be this close. Davis gave Reynolds a tougher than expected race in 2004 and won 44% of the vote spending nearly 1.25 million of his own money. The Foley scandal and Reynolds involvement in it may be just enough combined with the general anti-GOP tilt in the overall election to knock Davis off. If so it would be one of the biggest upsets election night. This race is a clear toss-up today.

Tom Reynolds (R)
Jack Davis (D)

Money Race

2004 Results
Reynolds (R) 56
Davis (D) 44

Bush (R) 55
Kerry (D) 43